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sloth cocoa pods


Rehabilitation of deforested areas, and development of sustainable and profitable cocoa agriculture systems for former farm pastures damaged by extensive farming and breeding. Partners: Local communities, scientific institutes, NGOs, co-financiers, responsible transformers (chocolate producers, manufacturers).


Local communities, scientific institutes, NGOs, solidarity donors.


Mounting 100+ hectares of highly diversified, sustainable agroforestry plantations to produce fine-flavour cacao trees, The collaboration with the local community ascertains the development of sustainable projects from a social, environmental and economic point of view. These projects are then used as a best practice example for training producers of the region to sustainable farming.

Environmental impact

Restoration of damaged terrains, stabilisation of soils, reforestation of sensitive zones, and protection of the water points in the country’s most deforested region. Promotion of sustainable agriculture practices among small producers.

Social impact

Training programmes for agronomic, environmental, social, economic and health-related themes. Knowledge dissemination to workers, indigenous communities and schools. Social services and medical care, administrative assistance outreach to the community.

Economic impact

Fixed and sustainable income for fifty families in the valley.


French State ESUS agreement (Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale –Solidary Company of Social Utility).