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The heart of our know-how is the study of soil life, originator of the long cycle of biodiversity restoration.

The soil is the cradle of life because it nourishes the forest and ensures its proper development. It is the home of more than 80% of the terrestrial biodiversity.
By restoring the biological activity of the soil, we provide plants all elements they need for their growth and we reactivate a forest cycle.

We set up reforestation programs and select local plants that have the natural ability to thrive on degraded soils.

This process of reforestation, based on proven expertise in ecology and our bio-inspired processes, will contribute to the return of biodiversity.

We perform on the restauration of the:

Evolution of a plantation by Solicaz

« Des solutions bio-inspirées pour la restauration de la biodiversité »

Usefulness of service plants
Formation FFF

In terms of

Social Inclusion

A reforestation programme can claim to be sustainable when it encompasses a global vision, taking into account the geography, geology, inhabitants and their history, traditions and culture. Communities will participate in the initiation or the elaboration of reforestation programmes, and in the improvement of activities related to health, education and security, as defined by the United Nations and within the scope of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). This ethnographic approach allows targeted actions to provide:



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